Your Song

Each of us has a song inside … it resonates who we truly are. It comes from our heart and soul… bellowing out from the core of who we are inside and out.

Each song is unique to the person in which it resides.. none more important than the other.

The question of the night is: Do you know your own song?

Here are a few other questions one might ask about your song:
Can you sing it out loud?
Do you sing it proudly?
Does it ring of pride?
Does it carry a tune of sadness or joy.. maybe a mixture of the two?
Does the sound of it make others want to join in and sing it too?
Is it a pleasant melody or something quite the opposite?
Does it beat fast or slow?
Does this song bring tears or smiles… or maybe both?
Is it a healing song?

The answers only you will know… important to none other than you.

Step inside yourself for a moment and listen to your own song … allow yourself to be filled with its melody … get to know it .. get to know yourself..

Within this song are the answers you seek… the person you maybe thought was lost is still there … listen to the sounds and find yourself …. sway with the beat and dance to the tune of you and be proud of the person that is there.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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