Wisdom of the Ages – Gayla Moore

Wisdom of the Ages  – an interview with Gayla Moore

I have been thinking of doing this for some time now. I want to do a series of interviews with random people to see what kind of wisdom we can take away from getting to really know each other. So here it goes, my very first interview.

I met with Gayla Moore this afternoon and here are some of the things we spoke about:

Question: I asked her what was the one moment in her life that completely changed her life from what it was before that moment to what it became afterwards.
Answer: Gayla’s answer was the day that she got married. She was only 18 at the time and said the difference that was that she had to actually grow up. She talked about how young they both were and how at that age they barely saw past the palm of their hands. They had no idea how life was going to really be.

Question: I asked Gayla if there was any of that young girl from way back then left inside her.
Answer: Gayla said although she has grown wiser and has matured with her years, part of that young, naive girl still lives inside her. Part of how she has matured is that she now appreciated her raising, her upbringing that is usually lost in our youth.

Question: I asked Gayla what advice would she like to leave behind for others.
Answer: Gayla says to live your life trying to do the right thing, whether you do it or not at least try to do right. Don’t be tempted by the thoughts that can sometimes pop into your head. She hopes that is how people will remember her, that she lived trying to always do right.

Question: What was your happiest memory?
Answer: The day her son was born.

Question: What was the saddest memory?
Answer: The day her father died. Gayla said that she was closer to her dad than anyone else she ever knew. I then asked why she felt closer to her dad than anyone else and her answer was simply that they appreciated each other.

Question: I asked Gayla what her favorite childhood memory was.
Answer: Gayla stated that her favorite memory was being on the farm playing in the dirt and playing with the rocks. Oh the simpler days gone by. Gayla says she still loves playing in the dirt and with rocks. She reckons its the connection with the Earth that calms her and makes her feel good.

Question: My final question for Gayla and had to do with her career as a real estate agent. I asked her what real estate advice would you give to a new agent coming into the profession.
Answer: Gayla said that you should work to please your client, don’t just work to make the money. She also said, don’t ever count on the money til you have that money in hand. All kinds of unexpected things can come up last minute when it comes to real estate.

I think that’s some great sage advice!

Thank you Gayla for your time and for answering all my pesky questions. It’s a pleasure knowing you and I am honored to have spent quality time getting to know the real Gayla Moore.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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