Hand Made Treasures

Whatever happened to hand made gifts? I know there are still a few out there that still make gifts for all occasions and I want to say to those few.. please, please keep doing what you are doing.

When someone takes from their own lives, the time to craft something for someone else.. that gift is worth far more than any store bought gift could ever measure up to.

The time.. the thought… the effort alone is an invaluable gift all on its own.

Years ago I would craft far more than I do now… but I keep trying to step it up and continue this tradition. I just feel that for the above mentioned reasons .. the hand made gift speaks louder than anything else to say to the receiver that they are worth my time, thought and effort.

Well… its 4 months til Christmas .. the time to get started on those gifts is now!

You have  plan on what to make… how much to make and start collecting supplies..

You see already how much more effort goes into that hand made gift.. you see hand made gifts takes months of thought, planning and doing … where as a store bought item can be purchased minutes before the giving occasion.

I’m not here to lecture you on what to do or not to do .. but more so to inspire and help.

Hand made items don’t have to be huge, expensive or elaborate… and you can add them to a purchased item as well.. it’s the thought, time and effort like I said before.

Here are some of things I have done in the past ..

– Mini stockings with the receivers name on it .. I would make these for everyone in my family and that means aunt, uncles, cousins and all their children .. yeah so that did take a long time to finish ..lol.. especially since I did these before I had a sewing machine and sewed them all by hand.. over 100 I do believe that year. Stuff  a few treats in them and give them out at the big family christmas dinner. Here’s a link to a quick and easy how-to http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-make-mini-stockings

– Coffee filter angels …. soooooooo simple and affordable .. on these I also added everyone’s name to each angel for that little extra personal touch. Here’s a how-to for you http://crafts.kaboose.com/easy-coffee-filter-angel.html

– Painted mugs.. one year for valentines day I found some nice large (but plastic) mugs …. I painted them and filled them up with homemade chocolates and candies … these days you can find nice ceramic mugs for this or still go with the less expensive plastic ones.. depends on how many you want to make and what your budget allows. Michaels, Joan Fabrics and Hobby Lobby are great sources to find these products.

– Guardian Angel Ornaments… these are super easy .. take a clear christmas ball ornament .. add in some glitter of choice and a small white feather  with an attached tag containing a story about the feather … you can google many different versions of this saying for your ornament or make up your own.

– Holiday pins – with beads and jewelry making supplies the possibilities are endless. Not just for Christmas these can be for Easter, Halloween , Thanksgiving, Valentine’s day, Saint Patrick’s Day, etc.. For instance one year for easter I found some tiny straw hats .. decorated them with a bit of pearl paint to look like beads and small ribbon .. add a pin backing and gave them to all the women at our Easter get together … let me tell you my aunts still talk about those pins.

– One year for Mother’s Day I took some silk roses… wrapped the steps in floral tape.. added a bit of scented oil and attached a poem I wrote for Mother’s Day to each one with a bit of ribbon.. I have no idea how many I made but that year every mother I passed during my day .. I handed them a rose and the reactions I got were more of a gift to myself than anything I could have ever imagines.

– Holiday wreaths… easy to make you can go from simple to elaborate depending on your budget .. great gifts for any occasion!

Other ideas: Dream catchers, home baked goodies, sun catchers, quilted throws, painted bird houses and bird feeders, decorated frames, pine cone christmas trees, ornaments, silk floral arrangements, center pieces, bath salts, candles,  etc…

The list goes on and on .. if you are having a hard time figuring out what you want to make.. first figure out how many you want to do then figure out what kind of budget you have to work with and start googling or ideas.. there are thousands of ideas on the web ranging from the simplest and least expensive to the more intricate and well expensive….

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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